I recently on multiple occasions engaged into conversations about whether or not Fortune 500 organizations are ready to move all their data to the cloud. While I’m not arguing about the benefits of distributed systems, I did encounter a significant number of organizations that are not ready to move to a SaaS model. Despite the obvious security reasons, I think it is an maintaining control over the core of your business to drive innovation is crucial (see Telsa example). Furthermore, many organizations’ strategy seem to be going towards build IaaS/PaaS and eventually SaaS within their own IT. These tendencies lead me to believe the dichotomy between SaaS and traditional in-house implementation isn’t absolute. Therefore, the market will see the advent of solutions enabling control over internal data while leveraging SaaS functionalities.

Since I work for a company offering one of these solutions, I wrote a white paper about it, so here it. Enjoy the read!