I’ve always been one to encourage people to embrace complexity, especially when it comes to tech. Being in technical sales/pre-sales/solution engineering for the past few years of my life, you will often go to my favorite answer when asked a yes or no question: “it depends”.

The fact is that there is always a choice in tech, there are always elements you can’t control or predict, and there is always a level deeper than you can dive into. The result is that decision makers have a hard time … making a decision.

My approach to help these decision makers (often my direct customers), is and always has been transparency and enablement. If you don’t believe me, check out the couple of articles I wrote over the years in the Cloudera community these past few years, my GitHub, or this very blog.

Bottom line: I have always loved enabling people to explain hard concepts.

Now, I have been living in a very complex and technical ecosystem my whole career essentially, and showcasing this stuff is … cumbersome. There is a reason why finding a good SE is very hard.

Recently however, while working on a side project (yes, it involves Magic: The Gathering), I came across something so elegant and useful for this type of enablement, it really picked my interest.

My first instinct was to try it out. It delivered.

From there, I got a chance to enable the founders of this tool to build their enterprise sales organization. And this is exactly what I intend to do.

So to summarize: I’m starting a position to enable sales for a company that enables software users to enable their audience. It’s pretty straightforward.

Seriously, here is the TL;DR:

  • I’m starting a new position at Reprise as VP of Enterprise Sales
  • Reprise has an awesome product, that is ahead of the market that enables you to record your application and distribute it in a matter of minutes without cost.
  • This means that the tool drives cost reduction, faster enablement and pipeline generation.
  • I’m particularly excited about this new challenge, because I think it will really help our industry
  • Yes, this is a sales role and I’m coming from the tech side. So you can be sure I can see value for the techies.
  • Yes, I will continue to code stuff on the side.
  • Also yes, you can expect tutorials of my favorite tools on a regular basis.